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Kudos for counselors

Date: 11/03/2021
Name: Jean R. Natter
Volunteer Name: Karen
County: Washington

Karen, Thank you so much for the assistance with registering for my Medicare Plan this year. And thank you for the info about becoming a Shiba volunteer. During the past years, Shiba Volunteers have been a great help to me while navigating through the yearly Medicare sign-up events. I apologize, again, for my mouthy little dog, Smudge. Even though she's just 15 pounds, she's exceedingly noisy when she sees a squirrel in our yard. (Heaven forbid the squirrel come onto the patio!) Take care, Jean

Date: 9/20/2021
Name: John W.
Volunteer Name: Bob Berman
County: Lincoln

I just wanted to thank you for all the good advice you gave me on my Medicare coverage. Thanks for your guidance on my total out of pocket cost. I certainly would not have saved any money by going with a different supplement. 

Date: 9/10/2021
Name: Mark Chien
Volunteer Name: Jim Sellers
County: Polk

We have met with Jim twice and he is very knowledgeable and patient. Best of all, he's a good listener. He followed up very quickly with answers to questions and informational materials. Jim helped to take the fear out of doing battle with the Medicare dragon. We appreciate his counsel and wisdom, and would highly recommend him to colleagues, family, and friends. Thanks, Jim! 

Date: 6/14/2021
Name: John Blythe
Volunteer Name: Karen Schell
County: Washington

I would like to thank Karen for her help. She helped my wife last year and it was a lengthy call and always patient and willling to answer questions no matter how silly. This year was my turn and was lucky enough to get Karen again. As before she was kind and patient with me and gave me some great advice. You are lucky to have someone like her that is so willing those of us that truly need it. 

Date: 4/6/2021
Name: Anonymous
Volunteer Name: Anonymous
County: Wasco

Dear SHIBA, How can I thank you for all that you have done for me? So much work! And, beautifully done. Hopefully you have initiated a close to this problem so it won't pop up again. I so appreciate you! 

Date: 3/9/2021
Name: Lisa Gielow
Volunteer Name: Al Haas
County: Jackson

Al was friendly, helpful, thorough, and clearly assisted me! Thank God for him, or I would have been far too overwhelmed on my own. 

Date: 2/17/2021
Name: Rocio Munoz
Volunteer Name: Norberto Maas
County: Benton

Worked patiently, at my pace, and walked me through the process so I could help my dad. He was amazing! Met me culturally and linguistically and could not be happier with our experience. 

Date: 10/29/2020
Name: Janet and Dan Carter
Volunteer Name: Luce Harrington
County: Washington

Luce truly saved the day for my husband and me. His retiree employer health insurance plan changes in January 2021, from a medicare employer plan to an advantage care employer plan. Thanks to Luce's knowledge and assistance, Dan was able to get a guaranteed issue supplemental medical policy from the Oregon insurance market. He gets to keep his doctors. We are so very grateful to her and the SHIBA coordinator. Janet and Dan Carter

Date: 9/25/2020
Name: Richard Richter
Volunteer Name: Craig Parker
County: Marion

I would like to thank all those who helped me at NWSDS and SHIBA, but most especially Craig Parker. His great assistance was commendable. He was always cordial, courteous, thorough, knowledgeable and attentive to detail. He was a real pleasure to work with. A great asset to the organization! Thank you very much!!

Date: 6/25/2020
Name: Jodine Sampson
Volunteer Name: Frank Arndt
County: Clackamas

Shelley Arrowwood said she called for help with applying for Medicare and spoke with Frank. She said, “He was an incredible help and made the process smooth and understandable for her.”

Date: 1/8/19
Name: Wendy A K May, Client Services Coordinator Canby Adult Center
Volunteer name: Arvin Hille
County: Clackamas

Arvin was a great volunteer. He was sent out to meet with a client, Dennis, last week. What an awesome job he did. The client can be a bit difficult, Arvin handled it beautifully. Thank you, Wendy

Date: 11/16/18
Name: Jodi M. Altendorf
Volunteer name: Hollis Fishelson-Holstine
County: Benton

We met with Hollis at the Philomath library on Monday. She was SO helpful - knowledgeable, understanding, reassuring, and FUN. We want her supervisor to know how much we appreciated her time.

Date: 09/13/18
Name: Dick Cronn
Volunteer name: Kim Castro
County: Clackamas

Last year my wife and I stepped from our employer health and welfare program after around 40 years. It was quite an experience. I/we had attended various seminars over the past few years some of which were done by SHIBA volunteers. The information we received and the SHIBA book were extremely informative and helpful.

I am so grateful for your help and in particular, Kim Castro, was so outstanding in guiding us through the maze of information. She was so good in pointing out various options and kept us focused on “what is best for us and our situation”.

Thanks again for all you do and a hearty kudos to Kim. She is outstanding!

Date: 08/02/18
Name: Emmy Ageros
Volunteer name: Bob Earnest
County: Multnomah

I want to express my thanks for SHIBA for all the excellent advise I have received these past few months with navigating our Medicare system

I want to thank Cecilia Carlson for helping schedule appointments and especially Bob Earnest for tirelessly helping me through the process. He has a wealth of knowledge and was very kind and patient with me. I can not thank him enough!

SHIBA is an outstanding organization!

Thank you very much

Date: 05/09/18
Name: Jim R.
Volunteer name: Karen
County: Washington

I was left confused on two previous calls, Karen has the patience & helpful attitude that I needed, Yahoo, Thank you

Date: 04/03/18
Name: Julie Effinger, Client Services, Molalla Adult Center
Volunteer name: Arvin Hille
County: Clackamas

Julie shared and thanked Arv for his SHIBA work with the following words: "Thanks again for being such a great resource, partner, and advocate!"

Date: 03/28/17
Name: Sandra Fielder
Volunteer name: Doug Froman
County: Coos

I just wanted an opportunity to express me deep gratitude for the help your organization was able to give me concerning my Medicare coverage. I moved from Forest Grove, OR to Bandon, OR just 11 days ago and found out I was losing my coverage with Regence Blue Cross. I had a meeting with Doug in Bandon Monday Mar 27 and he was able to set me up with excellent coverage that will not cost me a cent! People usually write to complain. I'm writing to give SHIBA an A+ for Customer Care. Please pass this on to the right department. They deserve to know I appreciate you all so much. God Bless You, Sandra Fielder

Date 8/24/2016
Praise given by: Arv Hille
Volunteer name: Ronnie Clay
County clackamas county

Please thank Ronnie for her great service and help.

Date 7/27/2016
Praise given by: Jan Parker Burbank
Volunteer name: Kim Castro
County Clackamas County

Please thank Kim for her help with resolving her problems. She wanted her to know how much she appreciated her!

Date: 12/07/15
Name: Sheri and Gerry Fjeld
Volunteer name: Judy Riggs
County: Linn

I wanted to say thank you for your help. We talked to Judy Riggs she gave us great information. We signed up for Health Net and got approved and will be insured January. Thank you again for this service to seniors, we were lost in a sea of options and no knowledge of any of it. We are so relieved to know we can get medical care and have help to pay for it. Sincerely, Gerry, Sheri Fjeld.

Date: 11/11/15
Name: Rolando Rodriguez
Volunteer name: Doug Froman
County: Coos

I made an appointment with SHIBA in Bandon, 10/9/2015, to discuss the status of Social Security benefits for myself and my spouse. The volunteer counselor, Doug, was most helpful, explaining status and options. The session was prompt, efficient and friendly. The ofc. mgr. also asked if we were being helped. We appreciate our counselor’s assistance and SHIBA’s attention to its clients.

Date: 8/11/2015
Praise given by: Pamela Teague
Volunteer name: Angela Dillon
County: Jackson

I was so impressed with Angela at the Senior Center in Ashland Oregon that I wanted to make sure she was acknowledged! I had two meetings with Angela. She was attentive, respectful and compassionate- and has a gentle, sweet sense of humor. I felt she made sure that my own personal situation was heard and understood. We discussed options for my upcoming Medicare and secondary ins and she gave me written information to follow up to help find the best fit for me. We made a apt to follow up after I contacted Senior Services, etc. I came to the second apt knowing what I wanted based on our detailed discussion and the resources I had called. Angela was efficient, got me enrolled and made sure I understood my selections, etc. I not only learned so much, got taken care of, but felt she was a friend that cared about me and my future. As a result of my contact with Angela, I am interested in becoming a Shiba volunteer myself when my life settles down a bit. I have told 3 friends about Shiba and Angela that will be going on Medicare soon. Thank You Shiba and Angela for your excellent information and care! Respectfully Pamela Teague

Date: 6/30/2015
Praise given by: Jodine Sampson
Volunteer name: Arvin Hille
County: Clackamas

Thank you Arv for all your hard work assisting clients, taking the lead assisting other SHIBA counselors and the continued outreach and education he delivers in the community. He's such a tremendous asset to SHIBA. Most recently he received praise from for a presentation to the DHS eligibility team in Clackamas County. They said "they found the presentation very helpful; people were especially appreciative of SHIBA’s willingness to help our clients with the Medicare Choice counseling piece."

Date: 6/22/2015
Praise given by: Betty Surrat
Volunteer name: Frank Arndt
County: Clackamas

Thank you Frank for all your help. Also to SHIBA for answering the phones.

Date: 1/14/2015
Praise given by: Marilyn Holler
Volunteer name: John Sundell
County: Crook

John is so helpful, he listened to all of my questions and gave me good advice. I called in the fall because I was getting ready to retire, he said it was too soon for me to talk about my options. A few days ago he called me out of the blue and we discussed my options. It was unexpected and welcomed. It is amazing that he is a volunteer. He is very knowledgeable.

Date: 11/6/2014
Praise given by: Teresa Cowles
Volunteer name: Ann Locke
County: Washington

This is an absolutely invaluable service. Anne spent a considerable amount of time with me answering questions I had from the Medicare website and navigating the book that the state publishes about Medicare programs. This really helped me clarify my needs and make a decision. Bravo Oregon for doing this and Brava Anne for her expertise, patience and caring for seniors

Date: 7/2/13
Name: Kathy Thomas
Volunteer name: Sally Peatow
County: Umatilla

Sally recently volunteered to take on the coordinator's position and already we have seem positive changes. She is especially dedicated to providing quality service and really cares about our clients...and our volunteers. Thank you Sally.

Date: 7/3/13
Name: Debbie Mode
Volunteer name: Judy Riggs
County: Linn

Judy Riggs has been a tremendous help in Linn County. Judy's regular counseling location is Albany – due to gaps in coverage in the county she has been willing to travel to Lebanon and Sweet Home and help clients in those areas also. I really appreciate her taking the extra time and incurring the expense to travel to the outlying regions. She is an excellent team player.

Date: 7/9/13
Name: Pam Cooper
Volunteer name: Bill Newell
County: Jackson

Very good at explaining all the components of Medicare!

Date: 7/15/13
Name: Frances Grimshaw
Volunteer name: Pat Zimmerman
County: Columbia

Pat has helped me beyond belief. I was told a long time ago that I did not qualify for extra help and talking with Pat (via phone) she informed me other wise. She has helped me to understand how much help there really is and to get me started how to fill out the forms etc. I still have to call her from time to time for advice or something I have forgotten. (Which happens a lot) I'm so thankful to have her as a counselor and to know that if I ever need any assistance with anything that have Pat to rely on. A gold star goes to this lady!

Date: 8/20/13
Name: Carol Burks
Volunteer name: All Volunteers I have spoke with
County: All

Every volunteer I have spoke with has been amazing! I always hear good things about you from prospective members. Keep up the great work!

Date: 10/31/13
Name: Sam Likens
Volunteer name: Bill Schnautz
County: Douglas

Bill has become such a strong resource for his fellow team members. I appreciate his patience and generosity of time and spirit.

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