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Kudos for counselors

Date: 11/23/2023

Name: Mary Jo
Volunteer Name: Al Haas

Mary Jo was helped by Al and wanted someone to know what a great job he did for her. Because of Al, Mary Jo and her husband will be saving money on their Medicare plan. (Submitted by phone)

Date: 8/25/2023

Name: Steve Hogberg
Volunteer Name: Pam
County: Washington

Pam was EXACTLY what I needed to wade through the massive amount of information and documentation to get me to the point of choosing a Medicare plan. She helped me see the SSI system from more of a twenty thousand foot level so it wasn't quite so intimidating. The two spreadsheets she shared with me were invaluable in choosing the plan that has the features that are important to me. She is pleasant and fun to work with. Thank you Pam!

Date: 8/10/2023

Name: Davin Yannick
Volunteer Name: Jodie Delsere
County: Lane

Jodie and I met three times. Each time she was so helpful. If she didn’t know the answer to a question I had, she found someone or somewhere who/that did. I had a lot of very detailed questions. Jodie was always ready to help me get the information I needed to make the best decision for myself. She never showed any irritation at all of my detailed questions which was a really pleasant surprise. Additionally Jodie was friendly, considerate and kind. It was clear to me that all she cared about was getting me the best information and making sure I understood it, again so I could make the most reasonable decision for myself about health insurance. Health insurance is a topic I knew almost nothing about, which I feel is extra challenging when talking about Medicare, as in my experience, that is not a particularly transparent system. I learned a ton from Jodie that I’m sure will help me not just now, but moving into the future. Jodie was happy to meet with me several times until I felt I had what I need to feel comfortable with my decision. I have some special needs around my healthcare and when as appropriate, I discussed my concerns around receiving care about this aspect of my healthcare, Jodie was completely professional while being open and comfortable so that I felt safe sharing sensitive details about my health care needs with her. She treated these aspects of my health care needs just as any other aspects we had discussed. I cannot praise the job Jodie did enough! She is doing an excellent job and representing SHIBA in an exemplary fashion.

Date: 8/2/2023

Name: Kent Kleinman
Volunteer Name: Anthony Hodgson (Providence)

Anthony was calm, precise and attentive to the particulars of our questions. In 20 minutes he was able to guide us through complex questions that I have been researching for over a week. We are grateful.

Date: 7/26/2023

Name: William Becker
Volunteer Name: Sean Foster
County: Clackamas

I want to thank Sean Foster for his excellent service and expertise. I called to work out some serious questions I had about my ongoing support for my Medicare plan. Sean was incredibly knowledgeable. He was also approachable, friendly and professional. He gave me the answers and reassurance that I needed. Thank you so very much.

Date: 7/10/2023

Name: Dhai Barr
Volunteer Name: Anne and Craig
County: Multnomah

Thanks for all your help today! I am studying away. I cannot find where you compared the policies. I can find comparisons but not with the star ratings. Would love to figure that out. I am scheduling with Lasso and stopped my HSA today! You were a lot of help and I am on my WAY!

Date: 6/9/2023

Name: Norman and Carla Coder
Volunteer Name: Gretchen Peterson
County: Washington

My wife and I met with Gretchen Peterson to review to understand how Medicare works. It was the best meeting we have ever had. Gretchen started out simple and kept everything she talked about very simple. She took time to answer all our questions in a clear, concise and friendly manner. She knows all the ins and outs of navigating Medicare. We were shocked that we were sitting in a government office and the person sitting in the meeting treated us in a way that was nothing like most do when we have had a meeting with a government employee. She took all the time we needed and was very professionally. We walked out of that meeting knowing a great deal about Medicare works and have a very clear path forward to sign up with Medicare.

Date: 1/20/2023

Name: Blossom Van Houten
Volunteer Name: Pam 
County: Washington

Pam spent many hours explaining the whole Medicare process, especially the differences between the available policies. She guided me through the on-line information and gave me directions as to what I should look for and how to compare the different policies. She helped me find information about which doctors and medical providers were in the network of the plan I chose. I would have ended up with a totally unsatisfactory plan if it weren't for Pam. I feel very confident that I have the correct plan for my situation. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Date: 12/9/2022

Name: George Michael Provine
Volunteer Name: Daniel 
County: Clackamas

I phoned the Oregon SHIBA Office today to get help understanding my options concerning Medicare Advantage and Supplemental Plans. I was fortunate to speak to Counselor Daniel. He was very knowledgeable and informative. I had many specific questions about Medicare and my options. I am a senior citizen and I will probably change my Provider soon. It has been difficult for me during the past several months to find answers concerning this complex and confusing subject. Daniel was a wealth of information and is also mailing me a Booklet to further assist me. I am grateful Daniel was available and compliment SHIBA for having such an outstanding representative. Thank you. George Michael Provine, Oregon City, Oregon.

Date: 12/6/2022

Name: June
Volunteer Name: Roxann and Lynelle

I want to let you know that both Lynelle and Roxann provided great customer service. They were friendly, empathetic and precise in explaining very complex insurance information. Roxann went the extra mile and researched my questions. I was a workforce development specialist and know the value of hiring the right person for the job. Kudos to whoever hired Roxann and Lynnelle. They are definitely the right people for what they do. 

Date: 11/22/2022

Name: Vera Silva
Volunteer Name: Linette Stevens
County: Jackson

Linette Stevens went above and beyond what she had to do to resolve my issue. She understood exactly what the problem was and did everything she could to help get it resolved. Thank you Linette.

Date: 11/16/2022

Name: Holly Wells
Volunteer Name: Pat Zimmerman
County: Multnomah

Pat was faced with a lot of computer "weirdness," but hung in through them all. (E.g. both of us going to the exact same web address from our two locations--and not having identical info on the pages that came up.) Lived very nearby, so she decided to come to my house. Wonderfully patient and friendly. I knew what I needed to do by the time she left!

Date: 11/4/2022

Name: Grace
Volunteer Name: Mitch
County: Lane

I wanted to let you know how helpful Mitch Tlustos in Florence was for me recently. When I became eligible for Medicare, I tried to be proactive and get my health care covered as I thought my OHP was ending. Very long and frustrating story commenced of me trying to navigate several government agencies and insurance companies as there were issues and contradicting information between them. Frankly I was in tears and was ready to give up. One of the agencies gave me the number to SHIBA and it was going to be my very last effort to get it straightened out. I called and left my number and Mitch called me back. I live in the country and I have satellite phone service, which sucks. People cant hear me and it is constantly breaking up. Mitch hung in there with me the whole time. He listened to the mess I was in and truly offered to help. Having nothing to lose, I let him go for it. Soon I heard back from him and he had advocated for me with the agencies and helped me figure out a strategy to deal with the insurance companies. He got all the answers I needed to make informed decisions. I am forever grateful. My anxiety level went from 10 to 2. I also know if I have questions in the future I could contact him for help. Thanks millions Mitch! My only wish is I had called SHIBA first instead of last. I had no idea how complicated turning 65 could be. I hope there is a way you can advertise to elders for your services. I will pass on your contact information to any I can as SHIBA and Mitch have been so helpful to me. 

Date: 10/26/2022

Name: Julie S.
Volunteer Name: Pat Zimmerman
County: Multnomah

A big shout-out to Pat Zimmerman for all her help in guiding my husband and myself through the Medicare sign up process. She has such knowledge of the system and is able to communicate in a clear and concise manner. We felt much more comfortable and confident after meeting with Pat and were better able to make our Medicare decisions. Thank you, Pat, and the SHIBA team, for everything you do!

Date: 10/9/2022

Name: Alan
Volunteer Name: SueAnn
County: Wasco

What a fantastic Medicare counselor. Goes above and beyond. Does detailed analysis and research when required. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Knows the complex Medicare rules and it is truly a blessing to have her. Overall assessment - simply outstanding!

Date: 5/14/2022

Name: Lisa Jo Frech
Volunteer Name: Sue Ann Arguelles
County: Union

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how complex it is to move from Marketplace to Medicare. I now understand WHY it is so complex, but in wading through all the material from Social Security, Marketplace, Medicare, the IRS, and my health insurance provider, I was drowning, lost, and increasingly anxious. My advanced level of education couldn't help me, neither could friends who'd already signed up because we all have different needs, and neither could online sources. I needed help and I needed it right away because the more I read, the longer it seemed like it would take to decide what choices to make. Enter Sue Ann. My angel! Over 2 long phone conversations and a few short emails in between, the 2 of us were able to figure out not only the best options for me, but also why they were the best options. Marketplace is a relatively new program, that was not made to fit well into an old, established program like Medicare, so there are bumps in the road to transition. Sue Ann helped me figure out how to avoid the biggest bumps, i.e. very expensive bumps. With her knowledge, patience, kindness, and thoroughness, we got there. I cannot begin to image how others navigate this transition without help from a real person, let alone somebody like Sue Ann. She is FABULOUS. And I am deeply grateful!! Thank you Sue Ann and SHIBA!!! LJF

Date: 11/03/2021

Name: Jean R. Natter
Volunteer Name: Karen
County: Washington

Karen, Thank you so much for the assistance with registering for my Medicare Plan this year. And thank you for the info about becoming a SHIBA volunteer. During the past years, SHIBA Volunteers have been a great help to me while navigating through the yearly Medicare sign-up events. Take care, Jean

Date: 9/20/2021

Name: John W.
Volunteer Name: Bob Berman
County: Lincoln

I just wanted to thank you for all the good advice you gave me on my Medicare coverage. Thanks for your guidance on my total out of pocket cost. I certainly would not have saved any money by going with a different supplement. 

Date: 9/10/2021

Name: Mark Chien
Volunteer Name: Jim Sellers
County: Polk

We have met with Jim twice and he is very knowledgeable and patient. Best of all, he's a good listener. He followed up very quickly with answers to questions and informational materials. Jim helped to take the fear out of doing battle with the Medicare dragon. We appreciate his counsel and wisdom, and would highly recommend him to colleagues, family, and friends. Thanks, Jim! 

Date: 6/14/2021

Name: John Blythe
Volunteer Name: Karen Schell
County: Washington

I would like to thank Karen for her help. She helped my wife last year and it was a lengthy call and always patient and willing to answer questions no matter how silly. This year was my turn and was lucky enough to get Karen again. As before she was kind and patient with me and gave me some great advice. You are lucky to have someone like her that is so willing those of us that truly need it. 

Date: 4/6/2021

Name: Anonymous
Volunteer Name: Anonymous
County: Wasco

Dear SHIBA, How can I thank you for all that you have done for me? So much work! And, beautifully done. Hopefully you have initiated a close to this problem so it won't pop up again. I so appreciate you! 

Date: 3/9/2021

Name: Lisa Gielow
Volunteer Name: Al Haas
County: Jackson

Al was friendly, helpful, thorough, and clearly assisted me! Thank God for him, or I would have been far too overwhelmed on my own. 

Date: 2/17/2021

Name: Rocio Munoz
Volunteer Name: Norberto Maas
County: Benton

Worked patiently, at my pace, and walked me through the process so I could help my dad. He was amazing! Met me culturally and linguistically and could not be happier with our experience.